The experience and the know-how acquired over the years, allows DeltAts to analyze and independently develop each project and to establish with the customers a concrete collaboration that extends to the co-engineering of the products according to specific needs, to the production of models and equipment as well as rapid prototyping, thus guaranteeing considerable savings on production and delivery times.


The DeltAts technical office is equipped with the most up-to-date 3D CAD tools that allow you to work on all file formats currently used in the world of designers and equipment and model manufacturers.


Our technicians are confronted daily with the customer's technical department in order to find solutions that guarantee product optimization in terms of cost, quality and efficiency.

Complete Cycle

The technical office follows the complete product cycle: from the formulation of the offer, to support the sales office, to the finished product.


The ultimate goal is never lost sight of and the continuous verification of the requirements requested by the customer, together with the simulation of the materials and the analysis of the mold, allow us to range over a wide range of products, even of particular geometric complexity and dimensional and to develop and process all the details for the mass production.