Internal Development

For each production area, be it a press or a robotized island, layout and process are developed internally. In this way, DeltAts has complete control over the way the components are made.

Both the production department and the technical department can quickly set in to improve or adapt the process, when it is needed.

Our Departments

They consist of the press department, molding and co-molding islands, tooling department and the dehumidification and automatic material delivery department, raw materials warehouse, semi-finished warehouse, finished products warehouse.


The plastic molding department has a constantly evolving machine park. Number 30 hydraulic presses from 25 to 800 tons, with a centralized automatic system for the distribution and treatment of polymers.

Industry 4.0

From the automatic material distribution and treatment system to the molding presses, to the centralized detection and control system, DeltAts has certainly become part of that world called industry 4.0.