Automotive Sector Molds

The molds, designed by the technical office or in collaboration with the customer, are built by the tooling department which is able to carry out mechanical processing such as: milling, turning, cnc grinding, etc… Processes which, in the automotive plastic molding sector, need absolute precision

Thanks to the machines at its disposal, DeltAts is able to produce molds from the simplest to the most complex (molds for bi-injection molding, for plastic / metal co-molding), using the most modern technologies. After finishing, the molds are assembled in order to be tested, so as to be able to offer a product without defects and with the tolerances requested by the customer.

Zero defects

This means that things are done well the first time and that defects and waste are slowed down, reduced until they are eliminated.

Required tolerances

The tolerance is the interval in which the dimensions of the piece produced are considered acceptable. The use of tolerances is aimed at ensuring the correct coupling of the components.

Care for details makes the difference

Analysis and Tests

Any discrepancies in the dimensions, of the piece produced, resulting from the tests, are analyzed and corrected immediately.
The tests are performed cyclically until the final product complies with the specifications requested by the customer.

The molds to meet the expected large production volumes, are treated with PVD (Physical vapor deposition), thanks to which it increases the flow of the plastic material and reduces the wear of the steel of which they are composed.
This is why we guarantee the molds for productions exceeding one million strokes.