Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

From the automatic material distribution and treatment system to the molding presses, to the centralized detection and control system, DeltAts has certainly become part of that world called industry 4.0.

Our centralized system is able to monitor, in real time, all the production machines, highlight any anomalies and critical issues (machine stops, breakdowns, etc.), perform a statistical process check.

From the terminal next to the machine (consisting of a PC connected to the central server, a barcode reader and a printer for the immediate production of traceability labels), it is possible to recall the technical drawings, all the documents and specifications relating to the component in production at that time.


Production is instantly detected and entered into the management system. In this way the situation of the finished products, semi-finished products and raw materials warehouse is immediately updated.

Shared information

This information can be viewed by the various company figures: quality assurance, production manager, logistics, commercial. The immediacy and sharing of information is now essential to be able to face the various challenges that the globalized market requires of us.


This is why we are continually investing in machinery, equipment and control and management systems that help us evolve and be ready for the demands of today's and tomorrow's customers.